Priscilla Schult
Inside Service Associate
Priscilla Schult
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Meet Priscilla, your dynamic real estate partner with a captivating journey. Hailing from Southern California and studying Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Arkansas, Priscilla's educational and career path has been nothing short of adventurous. After a life-changing trip to Costa Rica in 2016, she made it her home and explored a diverse range of roles, from being a travel nanny to running a translation and transcription company. Her extensive travels and love for warm climates have made her a true global citizen, while her dedication to raising awareness for indigenous communities in Costa Rica underscores her compassionate nature.

In 2022, Priscilla's fascination with rapid development in her small town led her to the world of real estate. Her journey as a certified real estate professional began in Costa Rica, where she found her true passion. Outside of work, she finds serenity where the jungle meets the ocean, enjoys running and yoga, and immerses herself in audio books. Priscilla's commitment to kindness and making a positive impact align seamlessly with the MORE team's values, fostering a supportive, energetic, and collaborative environment.

When not assisting homebuyers and sellers, Priscilla cherishes her time with her diverse family spread across California and Costa Rica. Her belief that kindness begets kindness and her passion for guiding clients through significant life transitions fuel her dedication to real estate. Priscilla's unique background, unwavering values, and dedication make her an invaluable asset to her clients and the real estate community.