Sebrina Jaramillo
Inside Service Associate
Sebrina Jaramillo
Office: (843) 619-0401
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Meet Sebrina, your seasoned real estate expert with a remarkable journey. Originally from the Bay Area, she ventured into entrepreneurship, owning and managing diverse businesses. 

Her passion for real estate was ignited at 23 when she experienced a challenging home purchase, which later led her to double her property's value through remodeling!Sebrina believes in the transformative potential of real estate when done correctly. 

Beyond her professional life, she's committed to fostering positivity and enjoying family life with her husband, three children, and five grandchildren. Sebrina's love for real estate extends beyond her role at MORE, where she owns and manages three rental properties, exemplifying her unwavering commitment to the industry. She's dedicated to helping clients achieve their real estate dreams through MORE's commitment to excellence. Her diverse background and entrepreneurial spirit make her an invaluable asset to her clients and the MORE team, embodying the power of passion and perseverance in real estate.