Shane Spurling
Shane Spurling
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Shane Spurling is a seasoned REALTOR® with Matt O'Neill Real Estate, whose passion and expertise in the real estate industry have flourished since 2003. Born and raised in a small California town that evolved into the dynamic Silicon Valley, Shane's early experiences around real estate development and appraisal, courtesy of his family background, instilled in him a profound appreciation for the field. His journey in real estate began shortly after college as a Mortgage Lender, leveraging his unique understanding and perspective to provide exceptional service to his clients.

Since moving to Charleston in 2011, Shane has not only made a significant impact through his work but has also immersed himself in the local community, especially on James Island where he resides. His professional path has been marked by versatility, including roles in lending, developing, investor coaching, custom construction, and more. At Matt O'Neill Real Estate since 2015, Shane has excelled in coaching agents, flipping homes across several states, and managing a successful short-term rental business. His earlier roles with Apartment Life and DR Horton, along with owning a real estate development company, highlight a broad and successful career.

Shane's commitment extends beyond his professional endeavors. Married to his college sweetheart since 2002, he is a dedicated father to three children and an enthusiastic traveler, having spent a year living in Portugal with his family. His love for the ocean, home renovation, and viticulture reflects his diverse interests and talents.

Recognized as a Realtor of Distinction multiple times, Shane's excellence in real estate is undeniable. His involvement in the community, love for local cuisine and outdoor activities, and his unique life experiences, including surviving a hunting accident, add depth to his persona. Shane's vision for his future involves sustainable living and a continued commitment to family, clients, and the beauty of real estate.

As someone who thrives on making people happy and providing an amazing experience for his clients, Shane's professional motivation is as clear as his personal inspiration drawn from his family and the possibilities that real estate offers to enhance lives. Whether discussing the allure of Charleston, his passion for European travel, or his dream of sustainable living in Portugal, Shane's bio reflects a well-rounded individual dedicated to his profession, community, and family.

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