4 Reasons to Downsize Now

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If you've thought about downsizing into a smaller home, there are four compelling reasons to do it now that I want to share.

1. Be happy: I just read an awesome book called "Happy Money" that I highly recommend, and it says that the size and extravagance of your house has zero impact on your happiness in life. You might not expect to hear that from a luxury real estate agent like myself, but according to the research, it's true. After six months or a year, you get used to any home you live in and it simply becomes your home. According to the book, spending money on time and experiences with other people brings more happiness.

2. Work less: Having more square footage than you need is just more work. Downsizing lets you move into something that suits your life as it is now rather than how it was when you first bought that house years and years ago.

The goal is simple: be happier!

3. Get rid of stuff: This is a liberating experience. I know you've spent a lifetime accumulating things like that dining set that's been passed down through the generations and you might even feel obligated to hold onto these things. In my experience in helping families downsize, they always feel free after getting rid of this stuff or donating it so it can be useful for someone.

4. Plan your estate: When there's a house to sell after someone has passed and there are multiple people involved with the estate, it doesn't always sell for as much as it could have if there was a plan ahead of time. It can get messy. Getting your affairs in order by downsizing and getting more liquid assets that are easy to pass on is always a good idea.

All in all, the main goal is to make yourself happier. If you have any questions about downsizing or you're ready to start the process, give me a call or send me an email. It would be my honor to help you through it.

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