Best paint colors for selling a house

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Best paint colors for selling a house

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For all the years that you’ve been living in your home, the decor has been all about your personal taste and preferences. But everything changes when you decide to sell. You need a home that’s neutral, one that your potential buyers can imagine living in.

Let’s begin with the fact that selling a house can be very complicated if not done right with a nice checklist. Whether it is a house, clothing, or other products, colors always matter. Finding the best paint colors for selling a house can be challenging. Color can have unexpected effects on people. The study of human behavior based on color is called color psychology. Colors can change taste perception.

  • affect the perception of time
  • speed up or slow down your heartbeat
  • make you stronger and faster
  • influence your opinion about the reliability of a particular person or brand.

If color affects people in this way, can it also affect purchasing habits? Of course, yes. In the course of various studies, the influence of different color shades on the emotional state has been repeatedly substantiated. Let’s take the example from a home selling perspective. There are indeed some paint colors for selling a house that have been proved to influence a customer's decision. The interior wall paint color of our houses always has something to do with our mood swings. You may enjoy a good sleep in a particular room or feel energetic and active in another room; this is due to color psychology. Now, what color to paint the interior of the house to sell?

Here is a general picture of what colors evoke:

  • Blue: kindness, honesty, authority, clarity, intelligence.
  • Purple: greatness, quality, personality, spirituality, creativity.
  • Red: desire, action, passion, energy, inspiration.
  • Orange: fun, friendliness, rejuvenation, uplifting, optimism.
  • Yellow: happiness, enthusiasm, friendliness, optimism, confidence.
  • Green: hope, growth, renewal, balance, reassurance.

Getting back to our best paint colors for selling a house let’s go over some common color schemes used by many people.

Blue paint being rolled onto an empty white wall with an extended paint roller
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Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your Home

  1. Monochromatic
  2. Analogous
  3. Complementary
  4. Triadic
  5. Tetradic

Best Interior Colors by Room

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom

Best Selling Exterior House Colors 

  • Light gray
  • Gray-blue
  • Deep blue
  • Photo Link
  • Taupe


  • What colors fade the fastest?
  • What is the best color to paint when selling a house?

Choosing the right paint colors for your home

1. Monochromatic

A monochromatic color scheme is a one-color scheme that is created using different tones of that one color. It is a bold way to make a statement in any room. Though we're programmed to think about matching similar colors and keeping diverse palettes in our space, monochromatic color schemes look intentional and eye-catching. Monochromatic colors are indeed in top-selling house colors.

Once you have chosen your base color, you can use a color wheel to help you choose different hues of that same color, varying the saturation and tone of the base color to pick out lighter and darker hues. Monochromatic color patterns are one of the best paint colors for selling a house interior as people tend to use mon-colored interiors.

The monochrome you choose will largely depend on your preference for that single color since you can choose warm, cool, light or dark shades to suit your room's orientation, daylight, size, shape and mood. If you are in search of best-selling house colors, then monochromatic patterns will be your go-to colors.

monochromatic color scheme

2. Analogous

Analogous color schemes are made up of any 3 colors lying adjacent on the color wheel. For example, yellow, orange-yellow, and orange, or green-blue, blue and blue-violet. In current home interior trends Analogous colors play a vivid part.

Even if the world is going to more monochrome colors, there are still a big number of mixed color fans that find color combinations exciting and important for the overall mood of the house. For people who like colors analogous patterns can be the best interior paint colors for selling a house.

In Analogous interior color schemes, one color becomes dominant, another is supporting, while the third is used as an accent. You can control how vibrant or subdued the effect will be by altering the value and intensity of the colors within the scheme.

Analogous color scheme

3. Complementary

A complementary color scheme is simply any 2 colors that lie directly across each other. This combination provides high contrast and a high-impact color combination. The complementary interior color scheme is one of the most popular ones because it is so simple to use. And even though it takes only 2 colors, there are so many looks you can achieve with it! You will choose one dominant color and incorporate its complement in accents. Definitely on the bold list of paint colors for selling a house.

Complementary color scheme

4. Triadic

Three colors are evenly spaced on the color wheel. Depending on the type of color wheel the colors can be different indeed. This provides a high contrast color scheme, but less so than the complementary color combination — making it more versatile. The diversity of colors within the scheme does not guarantee harmony - in fact, this palette can look really discordant when its colors are used at or close to their full intensity. Indeed not the best neutral paint colors for selling a house.

Triadic colors scheme

5. Tetradic

Four colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel. Tetradic color schemes are bold and work best if you let one color be dominant, and use the others as accents. Truth be told, this interior home color scheme is probably the most difficult one to get right.

Tetradic color scheme

Best interior colors by room

The general consensus for the best interior paint colors for selling a house are shades of greige. Greige is a combination of gray and beige, more sophisticated than an old-fashioned beige and at the same time more welcoming than a somber gray.

By choosing the color scheme of the walls, you can visually increase or decrease the size of the room. (test)

Interior Paint Color

Best For

Whites and light neutrals

Small rooms, kitchens, selling your home


Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms

Reds, Oranges, Yellows

Kitchens, accent walls




Foyers, dressing rooms, bedrooms

Earthy tones

Living rooms, selling your home

Factors influencing the choice of color:

  1. Room area
  2. Lighting
  3. Personal preferences
  4. Functional requirements

Living room

  • For compact living rooms

Light colors are suitable, thanks to which the area of ??the room will seem larger. The pattern on one of the walls will successfully complement the interior, in harmony with the general color. Find more. One of the best interior colors for selling houses as these colors make the house look cozy and calming creating a very welcoming mood. 

Light colors pattern scheme

  • For spacious living rooms

There are many more opportunities for realizing color fantasies when the living room is big. If that’s the case you want to go with brighter colors to create an exciting atmosphere. Best interior colors to sell a house include a palette with a soft transition or contrasting schemes. Some examples can be.

brighter colors, contrasting color schemes

  • If the windows face south, then the living room can be cold shades, since there is enough daylight in the room. Sky blue, turquoise, and white.
  • For the east side, it is better to use warm light colors, for example, soft pink, honey, peach. Wall colors can be painted in any natural shades, green, brown, gray as well.
  • If you have modern furniture in the living room 

The living room, made in a modern style, will allow you to use more colors. Walls can be in vibrant colors such as turquoise, gray, blue, or emerald.

cmyk patette, yellow colors

Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen to Sell

Color plays a huge role in human life, it affects health, mood, performance, relationships. The kitchen is an important part of our home, we spend a lot of time there, so you should be serious about choosing the color of the walls for this room. Especially if you are painting the walls for selling the house you might want to think twice to get the best interior paint colors to sell a house.

Let’s go over some basic rules of kitchen painting and the best interior colors for selling a house.

  • A large drawing visually reduces the size of the room. A smaller one makes the room seem more spacious than it might really be.
  • The geometric patterns on the walls of the kitchen in the form of interesting stripes create the illusion of continuous space.
  • The vertical pattern “raises” the ceilings, visually “increasing” the height of the room.
  • The horizontal pattern and stripes on the walls “widen” the kitchen while reducing its height.
  • Diagonal lines on the walls bring dynamics to the kitchen interior, creating the illusion of movement.

Psychologists do not recommend painting the walls in the kitchen in bright and flashy shades, especially if it is small and you spend a lot of time in it.

Kitchen options for best-selling house colors include but are limited to the following schemes.

Light colors, neutral, easy, and monochromatic.

For small kitchen areas, it is advisable to choose light colors, because they visually expand the space. See some examples.

No contrasting colors as they can make the area look smaller. You can go with bright colors if you have a bigger kitchen.

Dark tones - reduce the space, so they are only suitable for a spacious kitchen. In large rooms, it is undesirable to use cold colors, because they make the kitchen desolate, boring and impersonal.

1. Navy Blue, Leather Brown, and Bright White
Having a small kitchen doesn't mean you need to stay away from dark colors, but you should plan to use saturated hues strategically. Still not sure about the best paint colors for selling a house interior.

Navy Blue, Leather Brown, and Bright White colors

2. Olive Green, Warm White, and Wood Finishes

The best paint colors for selling a house interior are mostly the mono colors that create a warming mood. Starting with a base of warm white, then add depth with natural wood tones or earthy neutrals. Olive green makes a beautiful accent color that maintains the back-to-nature motif.

Olive Green, Warm White, and Wood Finishes colors

3. Yellow, Gray, and Black

One of the fanciest and best colors for selling a house is always black. Always a good idea. For Kitchen black will be very nice if the area is big. For smaller ones you might add some texture of black but not have an entire wall or part in black. Yellow is a very neutral color for the kitchen if it is not contrasting yellow.

Yellow, Gray, and Black colors

Popular Bathroom Paint Colors 

Before selling a house, you will always face the painting part. Let’s find out the best-selling colors for bathrooms.

A pale blue is a great option for making a smaller room, such as a bathroom or laundry room, feel lighter, friendlier, and more spacious. Avoid white - houses with white bathrooms on average sell less.

Some color options for bathrooms can be:

A pale and illuminating blue, Alabaster, Light Yellow, Gray

Evoking the colour of summer skies, Borrowed Light is a wonderfully pale blue named after the delicate light that cascades through small windows and fanlights. It works as well in a room deprived of light as it does in an airy sunroom.


Calming Colors for Bedrooms

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house (if not the most important one). Psychologists suggest that good paint color for any bedroom can be lighter and neutral colors as they make you sleep longer and better.
Besides a good night’s rest, you need a color that sets a relaxing tone for your downtime.


Blue is considered to be one of the best interior paint colors to sell a house. According to experts, blue is generally the best color for resale. Though it depends on room and shade, painting in neutral shades of blue often adds value to certain rooms. Some of the goos shades of blue for a bedroom are:

Stone blue
Cook's Blue
Blue Gray

blue colors palette


Taupe is another great choice for interiors and bedrooms. It’s neutral but adds a hint of color. It comes in a variety of shades, each with different undertones. You can go a little more gray, brown, or even a hint of lavender for a look that is classic, yet incredibly sophisticated.

Pale Taupe

Taupe colors

Best Selling Exterior House Colors

If the outside of your house looks weather-beaten or shows signs of wear, you’ll want to paint it before it goes on the market. Here are some tips on the best exterior color to sell the house.

For the exterior of your home, you want to make sure you choose a color that works well with your home’s surroundings. One thing to consider is the other houses in your neighborhood - you don’t want to pick something vibrant and bright if everyone else has gone with classic colors. Let’s find out what exterior house colors sell best.

Light gray

One of the most on-trend colors, a light gray exterior gives your home an ultra-modern look. Gray has always been one of the top exterior house colors that sell the best.

grey house, house rooftop
Photo by Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash


Picking a gray-blue gives your home more warmth and whimsy than a typical gray. And it is a very good color that brings comfort and a welcoming mood to your home.

blue house
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Deep blue

A dark blue exterior paired with the warm glow of lights inside makes the perfect setting to come home to. Definitely a top exterior house color that sells the best.

Photo by Ralph Kelly on Unsplash


Taupe paint comes in a range of tints, like green or grey, making it easy to totally customize your home’s exterior. Taupe is an excellent choice not only for the interior of a selling house but also for the exterior. It is welcoming, not so contrasting, warm and attractive.

Solar Panels on small home with driveway from street
Photo by Vivint Solar on Unsplash

2023 Trending Interior Paint Colors: Warm Tones & Vibrant Accent Walls

Trending 2023 Interior Paint Colors to Sell

It is projected that the most trending paint colors of 2023 will be warmer or therapeutic tones like lavender, rose, beige, and khaki for entire rooms and vibrant colors for accent walls like pine green, night blue, eggplant, yellow, turquoise, and terracotta. 

2023 Trending Exterior Paint Colors: Light Grays, Black, Blues, and Vibrantly Painted Front Doors 

Top Exterior Paint Colors for 2023

The trending exterior paint colors for 2023 might surprise you, and others are similar to the trends of 2022. Black is a top paint color for modern homes, while deep blue-grays and light grays are fantastic for most homes. Other projected popular exterior paint colors for 2023 include beige, white, and earthy greens like sage. Another trend is vibrantly painted front doors like turquoise, yellow, and green. Depending on the architecture of your home (modern, craftsman-inspired, cottage, beach house, Victorian, etc.), you will want to test which colors work best with your home's style and keep the buyer in mind; you may want to use more neutral colors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Painting Your Home to Sell:

What colors fade the fastest?

Bright colors are more susceptible to fading because of the effect UV radiation has on them. Bright yellows, blues, or reds will fade more quickly compared to muted colors.

Keep in mind that the house you are about to sell is not yours anymore and you need to fully depersonalize it. Colors can play a big role in that. Let the new “buyers” feel like that is the house they want to live in right away. Create the necessary mood for them to feel that way by choosing the best interior and exterior selling colors.

What is the best color to paint when selling a house?

When you’re painting your house to sell, you’ll want to stick with neutral or earthy tones, though you can choose white, beiges, greys, or even off-white colors. Depending on the room, you can even choose neutral shades of blue or green (like in the kitchen). You’ll also want to avoid white in bathrooms.

More Questions About How to Sell Your Home?

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