Don't Wait for Lower Rates: Discover Why Now Is the Ideal Time To Buy a Home in Charleston

Why you should consider buying as soon as possible and not waiting.

When it comes to buying a home, conventional wisdom dictates that waiting for interest rates to come down is the way to go. However, we're here to challenge that notion and tell you why the current high interest rates might be creating the best time to make your move.

Let's take a look at the recent real estate market in Charleston. Toward the end of last year, interest rates started rising rapidly, causing a stir among prospective homebuyers. At that time, Charleston had a shockingly low inventory of only 900 active homes for sale. The competition was fierce, with multiple offers and bidding wars becoming the norm. Buyers were even willing to pay a premium of $100,000 without expecting any repairs or concessions. It was a frantic race to secure a home.

Now, you might wonder how high interest rates have affected the situation. Surprisingly, they have curbed buyer demand, resulting in a significant increase in inventory. Currently, Charleston boasts approximately 2,300 active homes for sale. That's more than double the number from before. As a buyer, this presents an excellent opportunity because you now have a much wider selection to choose from.


So why is this the best time to buy a home in Charleston? The increased inventory is the key factor. With 2,300 homes on the market, you have far more options than ever before. Some areas are even experiencing 10 times the selection they had previously. Moreover, the rate of price inflation this year is a modest 3%. In contrast, previous years witnessed staggering price growth percentages, ranging from 15% to 20%. This stability in price growth indicates that the market is not overheated, and you can make a more informed decision as a buyer.

"The increased inventory is the key factor. "

Looking ahead, we have a significant event on the horizon—the presidential election in 2024. History has shown us that incumbent parties tend to make the economy appear strong by lowering interest rates. Based on this pattern, it's likely that interest rates will decrease next summer. When that happens, the pent-up buyer demand for Charleston will explode once again. Multiple offers and inflated prices could become the norm once more. This makes the current high interest rates a valuable advantage for buyers. Seize the opportunity now, as it may not present itself in the future.

Additionally, it's worth noting that these current prices might be the best we'll ever see in Charleston. If you think they're high now, just imagine what they might look like a decade from now. The real estate market tends to appreciate over time, so waiting too long could mean missing out on favorable prices.

If you're concerned about the high interest rates, don't worry. We have programs with our lenders that can secure you an interest rate in the 5% range. Reach out to us on our website, and we'll connect you with our lenders who can help you take advantage of this opportunity.

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