Good Mood Show Episode #11 - Slaying the 5 Giants with Jimmy Kaiser

You can overcome the giants or scary challenges in your life. The giant blocking your way may appear insurmountable, but this is only a mirage. If you change your mindset and seek God's purpose, you can become a champion.

In this episode, Jimmy Kaiser, a coach, entrepreneur, and real estate agent, talks about how to overcome the seemingly unbeatable challenges you’re facing — inspired by the biblical story of David and Goliath.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

  • Change your habits one small step at a time
  • The way we treat others creates a ripple effect, so choose kindness always.
  • Have the courage to step in when someone needs a helping hand
  • What truly matters is how our life's work affects other people
  • Tap into the champion within you

Episode Highlights:

[04:55] The Real Life Giants

A giant is a metaphor for a challenge. Everyone's problems are unique, but you can group them into one of five categories: financial, physical, relational, vocational, and spiritual giants. When you start to see your giant as an opportunity rather than a stumbling block, you'll be able to overcome it daily, no matter how big or small.

[07:25] Facing Your Financial Giant

Even successful people deal with financial behemoths like taxes. When it comes to money, connect with people who can help you achieve your goals. They can be CPAs, coaches, or even financially savvy friends.

[15:12] Overcoming Your Physical Giant

Most people find health to be a complex topic. It's all about making small changes. If you keep up your bad habits, they can cascade into your other habits, making your giant appear even more prominent. Pay attention to your sleeping and eating patterns.

[22:50] The Ripple Effect

Our relational giant pertains to our relationships with others. How we treat the people around us creates a ripple effect on how they treat others. In difficult situations, choose to extend grace. Take a moment to think about what's on your mind and respond with love.

[38:42] Service to Others

The spiritual and vocational giants are inextricably linked. Our vocation should focus on our relationships with others, not our career itself. It's all about making an impact on the lives of other people. Instead of being self-serving, live for the glory of God.

[46:11] Unleashing the Champion

Jimmy tells the story of a racehorse named Mine That Bird that ran in the 2009 Kentucky Derby. Like Mine That Bird, we all have a champion and God's Spirit within us. Harness that power and slay the giants in your life.

Guest Bio:

Jimmy Kaiser is an successful entrepreneur, executive coach, and adventurer who is best known for leading and consulting with some of the world's leading nonprofit and mission organizations for over thirty years.  From all his different roles, Jimmy has consistently helped others face their "giant" challenges and opportunities with faith, strategy, and encouragement in their own "David vs Goliath" situations. In the last ten years, he has also built a successful real estate sales and development business.


Links to Resources:

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Instagram: @slaying_the_giants 


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