Getting Your Hurricane Damage Repaired

Buy or Sell a Home with Charleston's #1 Team

Today, I have both good news and bad news.

The good news is that Hurricane Matthew has passed. The bad news is it did considerable damage to the Charleston area. Recently, I’ve spoken to many people whose houses experienced things like flooding, extended power loss, and wind damage.

If you need your house fixed, we know people that can do it.

If you’re one of these people and you don’t know where to turn to get your house fixed, we have a list of the best contractors in Charleston that would be happy to do it. We’ve sold more than 1,000 homes in the Charleston area, and when you sell that many homes, you have to fix a lot of roofs, electrical issues, siding fatigue, wood damage, etc. We know who’s good at these things and who isn’t.

If you need a recommendation on a great contractor to repair any damage that’s been done to your home, please reach out to us by phone or email so we can get you connected with the right contractor who can help. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

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