How Solar Reflection Films Can Save You Money

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Andrew Hellier of Solar Reflection joined us to talk about some problems that many people don't know they can solve when it comes to sunlight.

First, fading of furniture, floors, and artwork is one of the main problems, as well as energy loss and money wasted on your bill—literally going out the window. So how can you make your home more energy efficient in this regard? As Andrew points out, one-third of your heat and air conditioning goes out the windows. Solar Reflection can remedy this with a window film that actually rejects 76% of the heat coming through the glass. It also insulates at a rate of 92%, meaning your home will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Andrew points out that if you go with an aggressive window film, you can expect to save 30% annually on your energy bill for heating and A/C units. They have window films that range from being virtually invisible to very aggressive, glare-reducing films. They can help you find the balance you're looking for.

Solar Reflection's films can save you 30% annually on energy costs.

Flooring is an issue with sunlight as well—you can see an example in the video above. If you remove a rug near a window or glass door, the wood will be unfazed where the rug was, but faded all around it. Andrew says Solar Reflection can reduce this fading by about 80%, which is significant. "Not even museums that have the most priceless artworks in the world can stop fading," Andrew says. With a Solar Reflection film, you get rid of all the UV light which causes 40% of the fading. If you're aggressive with it and you really go after the heat, Andrew says, you can reduce an additional 25%, and if you reduce a little bit of light, you can reduce fading another 25%.

Many people want a light and bright home, but still want to reduce fading and save on energy without losing sunlight. There's a solution for this, Andrew says, and it's a spectroselective window film. This film is almost crystal clear and rejects a lot of heat but still lets light in. These are more premium films, but are great for more historic homes where you can't alter the aesthetic of the house.

Say for example you have a 3,000 square foot house with 300 square feet of windows. You could start with a conventional window film that would cost $1,800 and comes with a lifetime warranty that transfers to the next owner of the home. In this example home, you could spend up to $6,000 for more premium film. According to Andrew, even the most expensive film that Solar Reflection offers will pay for itself in three years by saving you on energy costs.

If you have any questions for Andrew about Solar Reflection or making your home more energy efficient, you can call him at (843)769-6087 or email him at [email protected].

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