Improve Your Home’s Value

If you are in the market to sell your home, there are many things to consider concerning your property value. Take a look at a few suggestions to consider when trying to maximize your property value. Investing some money before staging and showing your house could help drastically increase your home’s appeal and selling point. Please note 8 suggestions we have prepared for you below:

  • 1. Front Door Curb Appeal

Make a lasting first impression on all potential home buyers. Whether you have someone driving by to take a glance at your home or your home is being personally presented – the first impression makes all the difference. Take care of your front door, and re-paint or replace it if necessary. Consider shelter from the sun/rain at your primary entrances, and always make sure the doorbell works.

  • 2. Upgrade Your Landscaping

Gnarly trees and disheveled bushes can block the view of your home from the street. When surrounding the house, they can also block natural light from coming into your home, and promote mold growth. Small landscaping investments can yield a prominent return on investment – and can also increase your curb appeal and overall marketability.

  • 3. Do NOT Overlook Basic Maintenance

Do not overlook the aspects of your home that make it a warm, safe, and comfortable place to live. Things like checking the insulation, replacing rusty rain gutters, leaky windows, door seals, storm windows, and shutters.Paint, clean, repair, and replace what is needed. Also, check your walls and the paint applied. Re-paint where necessary when the paint is faded or chipped. Consider neutral colors – as buyers like to project their own ideas in your home. Also check the flooring for shipped tiles, squeaky steps, or cracked wood flooring. Many of these things are relatively cheap and easy to fix – but can often be overlooked until the home inspection.

  • 4. Open Up Potential Extra Space in Your Home

Buyers prefer big living spaces, with open floor plans. There are often potential non-structural walls that can be removed to open up your living areas, so one room flows easily into the next. Buyers don’t want to walk around your home with a realtor and get jammed in a tight spot – opening your home can create a sense of flow. The typical kitchen island – while offering more storage can also sometimes cause a cluttered kitchen.

  • 5. Upgrade the Lighting in Your Home

High wattage bulbs make small spaces seem bigger. They will also warm up a room.Skylights are an excellent potential way to light up an entrance, hallway, or bathroom with natural sunlight, and dimmer switches can help you set the mood of a room. Also consider automatic lights for the exterior of your home, to cut on automatically when you are moving around – for safety and security.

  • 6. Inexpensive and Easy Bathroom Upgrades

There are many upgrades that can increase your bathrooms’ appeal. Clean the grout in between tiles, remove rust stains from sinks and tubs, apply fresh caulk, and replace outdated doorknobs and cabinet knobs. You could also replacing out of style frosted glass for clear glass in windows, and update the blinds and curtains. Also consider replacing your faucets, or installing a low flush toilet.

  • 7. Consider “Green” Opportunities.

Newly built Heating and Air-Conditioner units can save you up to 30-40% on your power bills. Also consider solar panels for supplementing power to frequently used home components such as your water heater or washer/dryer. Green appliances and green upgrades can also save you money with government tax credits. Not to mention, living a green lifestyle is a responsible way to reduce your environmental footprint.

  • 8. Remove the Questions

The more questions about your home that arise in potential buyers’ minds, the less likely they are to be interested in purchasing your home. With a home being such an expensive and long-term investment – people don’t want to have to settle or say – we can live with that. Take a look at aspects of your home such as outdated wall coverings or vinyl flooring, cracked steps, or weathered thresholds. Basically, remove any questions that the buyers could potentially have about your home.

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