Interviewing the “Voice of South Carolina” About the Upcoming Season

Local sports radio host Bobby Hartin discusses three teams with me today: the South Carolina Gamecocks, my Clemson Tigers, and the Matt O’Neill Team.

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Today I had the rare honor and privilege to meet with Bobby Hartin. For those of you who don’t know, he’s the voice of South Carolina football and a local legend right here in Charleston. As we near the first weekend of football season, Bobby joined me to weigh in on how he thinks the Gamecocks (and my Tigers) will fare this year.   

“Barring injuries,” he says, “I think an eight- or nine-win season could be considered a good one—given the schedule we have.” He cites pervasive injuries as being the thing that plagued last year’s team the most.   

As far as Bobby is concerned, beating Kentucky this season is a top priority. South Carolina has dropped its last five contests against the Wildcats, and with Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia all looming on the horizon this year, the Gamecocks will need to come out on top against winnable opponents and probably eke out a win against one of the ‘Big Three’ mentioned above. That would make for a great season in Bobby’s book. 

"Bobby has been an instrumental part of our success and a huge supporter of ours going on six or seven years."

One thing that’s significant to me about this Gamecocks team is they have three guys on their roster that graduated from Wando High School—my alma mater. They include receiver OrTre Smith, kicker Parker White, and quarterback-turned-receiver Bailey Hart. 

When asked about his thoughts on my Clemson Tigers, he replied, “You gotta tell it like it is: They’re good. What Dabo Swinney has done there is nothing short of amazing.” He went on to say that if Clemson can prevail over Syracuse and Texas A&M—both early-season games—he doesn’t see them losing a game this year. Those words are music to my ears.

The final team Bobby and I talked about was the Matt O’Neill Real Estate Team. He’s been an instrumental part of our success and a huge supporter of ours going on six or seven years. In his words, “People want their home sold and that’s what you do—not every Realtor can say that.” Bobby’s support and kind words mean the world to us, and I was happy to have the opportunity to chat with him today.     

We want to continue being a reliable source for all of your real estate needs, so if you have any questions or would like help buying or selling a home, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Matt O’Neill Team. We’d be happy to serve you. And go Gamecocks and Tigers!

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