Is Fall the Right Season to Sell My Home?

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Is fall the right time to sell your house?

The myth in Charleston (and the rest of the country) goes that fall is the wrong time to sell a house. Here’s the thing, though: because everybody thinks this, most home sellers take their houses off the market during the fall months. Since Charleston is one of the five hottest real estate markets in the country, there is incredibly high demand to buy a home here, even during the fall.

So, if you’re looking at low supply (meaning most sellers aren’t on the market) and high demand, the fall could actually be the very best time for you to list your house.

We sell lots of luxury homes from November to January because there is no competition on the market other than the houses we’re showing. There are fewer showings in the fall, but each one is more significant because the buyers that are there looking are far more serious about their intentions.

Fall actually could be the very best time to sell your house.

People often tell me that, despite these facts, they still would rather not show their house during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here’s the beauty of it — you don’t have to show your house during the holidays. If you listed with us, we would block showings out during those weeks so nobody could interrupt your celebrations.

If you’re serious about selling and getting top dollar, the fall could be the very best time to do it.

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