Questions to Ask When Buying a House

Good questions to ask when you buy a house

#1. Should I go and consult with the bank first before looking into houses?

#2. Where shall I consider buying a house?

#3. Do I know the process of buying a home?

#4. Can I afford to have a house

#5. Do I know any great Real Estate Agents?

#6. Who pays the Realtor fees when buying a home?

#7. What are the average utility bills?

#8. Where do I see myself in 5 years?

You might wonder what are the most essential questions to ask when buying a house? On the other hand, coming up with the final decision of buying a house you might run out of questions because of the excitement and the heartbeat of obtaining a new property.

As a homeowner, you will have new responsibilities and commitments, therefore purchasing your first house should not be handled lightly! One of the best ways to ensure the process is not overwhelming for a buyer is to be well educated and properly prepared for the process.

Let’s go over some good questions to ask when buying a house.

#1. Should I go and consult with the bank first before looking into houses? 

One of the first rules in the home buying process is that “no question is a dumb question.”  If you’re unsure of something when buying a home, ask! It is always better to know than to feel sorry you could have known.

Many people think that when buying a house the process can be very easy and smooth. In reality, some people who have complications with their documents and budget, always seek some help from the bank.

Before you even look through houses, it is advisable to consult the bank first to understand exactly how much you can afford. Another advantage can be a special program for first-time home buyers. This question should be included in your list of questions to ask when buying a house.

#2. Where shall I consider buying a house?

The location of the house is very crucial if not the most! In the home buying process this is one of the best questions to ask when viewing a house to buy. Of course, consulting a professional team of experts who would guide you more precisely on every process could be very useful. 

Choosing the right neighborhood to buy a home in, should never be taken lightly.  Asking yourself where you want to buy a home can help you determine whether you truly can afford to live where you want. Depending on the location and the neighborhood, houses can vary a lot in price.

Some factors to consider in terms of a good location are the closeness to schools, stores, parks, transportation, crime rates, the distance from your work and so much more. Search some good neighborhoods following the map


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#3. Do I know the process of buying a home? 

A wish to obtain a property is a very good decision and it is a dream for many people. One thing you must take into consideration is how ready you are to take on that responsibility. Are you ready to buy a house and do you know what the process is?

In this case, as well, a good Realtor can help you big time but you should also have at least a slight idea of what processes are included in home buying. This includes all the documents you might need in the process which is one of the complicated stages of home buying.

Some general documents you will certainly need are but are not limited to:
(highly depends on the area and the state)

  1. Preapproval letter
  2. Loan Estimate
  3. Offer letter to the seller
  4. Purchase agreement
  5. Home inspection report
  6. Home appraisal
  7. Closing disclosure

#4.  Can I afford to have a house 

The best questions to ask when buying a house certainly include this point. This is a question to yourself, your family, and your budget. owning a home comes with additional costs and responsibilities.  There is a difference between the costs of buying a home and the costs of owning your home.

Many first-time buyers forget to factor in the costs of owning a home such as utility bills, refuse bills, and luxuries such as cable TV and internet.  These buyers create their budget only factoring in their monthly mortgage which can be a huge mistake.

#5. Do I know any great Real Estate Agents? 

Your “questions to ask when buying a house checklist” must have a checklist concerning real estate agents. Before buying your first home you need to ask yourself if you know any great real estate agents!  There are many reasons to hire a real estate agent when buying a home, one of the most important beings is that they’ll be helping you through the process of buying your first home!
Here are some tips on how to choose a good Realtor:

  • Tip #1 Choose a Real Estate Agent with a vast Network of Connections
  • Tip #2 Hire a Real Estate Agent who has a Marketing Strategy
  • Tip #3 Ask for Recommendations
  • Tip #4 Check their Official Social Media account
  • Tip #5 Ask questions about their previous deals
  • Tip #6 Know how to Research Local Real Estate Market

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#6. Who pays the Realtor fees when buying a home?

If you’re about to start your home-buying journey, you’re likely thinking about hiring a real estate agent. But how does a realtor get paid when you buy a house? Well, buyers and sellers are responsible for paying for different fees, so it’s important to know best practices for a typical home sale.

Standard practice is that the seller pays the real estate commission of both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent, according to Ruth Johnson, a Realtor® in Austin, TX.

In different real estate agencies, the cooperation is done differently. There are some general rules but that also strictly depends on the area and the state.

#7. What are the average utility bills?

Utility bills are just one of the additional costs to consider when buying a home. One of the questions to ask realtors when buying a house can be to ask about the general expenses of the area. Usually, Realtors can assist you to understand how expensive the area is and how high the living costs can be.

Another way is to ask the seller. Utility bills can be obtained from the homeowner and in some cases, from the local utility company, who can provide averages over the past 12 months. 

#8. Where do I see myself in 5 years? 

I know this point might sound very poetic but it is indeed very important when you are buying a home. Here is why, before buying your first home you need to make an educated guess as to where you’ll be 5 years from now. If you’re thinking you would like to move to another state or county in the next couple of years, you may want to strongly reconsider buying a home now.

Write down all your plans for the future and consider your moves very carefully, as buying a house can be very complicated but very easy if you make things right and proper.

You and your family are the only ones who can determine the right time to purchase your dream home. As discussed, buying a home is overwhelming, especially when you consider the endless pages of documents required to complete the process. It is crucial to make things right and that can only happen if you choose a professional real estate expert. Matt O’Neill Real Estate has all the necessary experience and the team just for you.

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