Staging Your Home for the Best Value

Staging your home is necessary in this market, and it has many benefits.

I recently spoke with Shannon Hawkins, the No. 1 interior designer in Charleston, about how sellers can stage their homes to get maximum value.

Eight months ago, when there was no inventory, you could list a house and have 10 offers that day. However, the government has since raised interest rates; as a result, inventory has increased by 300% in the last six months. For the first time in years, we’re seeing houses take longer to sell, and some houses just aren’t selling at all.

From the moment buyers drive up in the driveway, you need to do everything possible to show the value of your home, now more than ever. It's so important to put your best foot forward to get top dollar. Prices are still high, and houses are still selling, but those houses typically look the nicest and are priced according to where the market actually is.

 "We cover 100% of the consultation fee."

Some people get scared of home staging. They don’t want to take their family photos down or live in a “model home.” However, you need to understand that the idea behind staging is not to make you feel like you're not able to live in your home. What we're trying to do is speak to the buyers and attract as many as possible.

When you list with Matt O'Neill Real Estate, your staging consultation fee with the top staging company in Charleston, Refresh Your Nest, will be covered at 100% (Furniture staging fee to be covered in full by seller(s).)! If you're thinking of selling, reach out to us by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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