The Commercial Side of Real Estate

Talking to Paul Kelton about the commercial side of real estate.

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Paul Kelton, the head of our commercial real estate division. We have a lot of clients who come to us with commercial real estate needs: People looking for office space or to expand their business and folks looking to invest in warehouse space or multi-family housing.

Paul told us about how we’ve helped a client looking to invest in warehouse space by assisting them with the purchase of a plot with a warehouse on it. The client then went on to build two additional warehouses on the parcel, effectively getting three warehouses for the price of one.

We also help people who are looking to buy both large and small apartment buildings. We’ve helped clients all across Charleston invest in this kind of real estate, as it’s one of the best asset classes to invest in and it will be getting even better in the coming year.

Some clients are looking to expand their business or buy a trophy property as well. Paul told us about a client he helped check all the boxes for recently by assisting them in purchasing a property off King St. that they were looking for.

 "We’ve helped clients all across Charleston invest in this kind of real estate."

Finally, we love to assist our clients who are looking for land to develop or for office space. 

All of our Matt O’Neill real estate agents have access to Paul for your commercial needs. We really are the best equipped to deal with the commercial side of the business. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out on our website or give us a call. We’d love to help you as well.

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