You Can Still Get Top Dollar in Our Market

Here’s what sellers need to know about our current housing market.

There’s been a lot of noise about our housing market recently. Conditions are changing, and that has some people worried. That’s why we’re discussing what’s really happening in our housing market and how it affects buyers and sellers. 

You may be surprised to hear this, but housing prices are actually still high. In fact, they’re higher than they were this time last year. Right now might just be the second-best time to sell a home in the Charleston area we’ve ever seen. That being said, you might want to make a move sooner rather than later; we aren’t sure how long these conditions will last. 

Last year, prices in Charleston increased by 20%, which is a tremendous amount. However, once interest rates started to rise, prices came down by about 10%. We predict prices will fall another 10% until they match where they were in 2021. That doesn’t mean a crash is coming, but it does mean that the longer you wait to sell your home, the less money you’ll make.

 "Our market is changing fast."

If you want to sell quickly, how should you price your home? We need to operate on a shorter time frame, so we’ll look at similar homes that have gone under contract within the last couple of weeks instead of the last couple of months. We also need to look at your current competition. You need to be careful about picking the same price as your neighbor’s home, since they might have overpriced. 


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