Matt Gives You Cash to Buy Your Dream Home

How the cash-to-buy program works

Step 1

Enter your contact information into the form on our website to start the application process.

Step 2

Our agent will get you financially approved from a conventional lender.

Step 3

Our investor pays cash for your dream home so that you win the offer!

Step 4

You refinance with your regular lender & that’s it!


  • Beat the competition with an ALL CASH offer!
  • Completely remove the home sale contingency!
  • One easy move into your new home in as little as 14 days!
  • Sell your existing home at max value on your own timeline!
  • Avoid living through disruptive home repairs!
  • Focus on the transition, not the transaction!

Cash to buy - Client Success Stories

Watch the video below to see a first-hand account explaining how easy our Cash to Buy Program can be!

Cash to Buy - faqs

Only 1 - 2% of the purchase price of your home, which is just a few thousand dollars.

We can get your pre-qualified with our investor, so once you find your dream home you will be ready to make an ALL CASH offer.

The investor closes on your dream home for you, and then you rent your new home from our investor for the market rent rate for up to 180 days until we sell your current home.

NO! It’s honestly that simple!

You must be pre-qualified with our investor. Your home’s purchase price cannot exceed $700,000. This offer only applies to homes with fewer than 4 acres of land. Your home must be built after 1975 or be fully renovated. Homes in the VE flood zone do not qualify. This offer does not apply to foreclosures, short sales, mobile, modular, or manufactured homes. Offer only applies to your primary residence: second homes or investment properties do not qualify. Our qualified agent team will cover any and all other details with you.

Matt Gives You Cash to Buy Your Dream Home