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Top Workplaces No. 1

Top Workplaces No. 1
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According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of real estate agents fail out of real estate within the first 5 years. The reason is simple:

Agents fail to earn enough income to stay in business. At Matt O’Neill Real Estate our agents create thriving real estate careers with an

average annual income of $127,000 and our top agents earn over $200,000 per year.

You Deserve more

3 Things Separate Matt O’Neill Real Estate Agents


Matt O’Neill is Your Personal Success Coach


Majority of Your Expenses, Leads & Staff Covered


Small Team, Family Culture & Luxury Brand

Matt O’Neill and his executive team are your personal Success Coaches


Matt teaches you how he rose to Charleston’s #3 Agent with $38 Million sold. He trains the team each week and works with you individually to help you become a Top Agent.

Theresa’s Your Accountability Coach

Every elite performer has a coach holding them accountable and Theresa is the best in the industry at helping you do what it takes to achieve your best results.

Youlin’s Sales Manager

Youlin and our team of $10 - $40 Million Top Producers are helping agents by mentoring them 1 on 1 to grow their businesses to the next level.

Lisa’s Broker in charge

Lisa is the broker and mentor to our agents and many in the real estate industry. She is passionate about your success and will help coach you to hit your goals.

Matt O'Neill was the #3 individual agent out of 5,800 in Charleston last year, and he is looking to be YOUR personal mentor.

Majority of Your Expenses, Leads & Staff Paid for You

What is Paid for You?
Your staff, leads, signs, sign riders, lockboxes, copies, business cards, postage, thank you notes, flyer boxes, flyers, presentations, folders, CMA binding, database software, paperless closing software, open house signs, sales contest winners trips, etc.
Your Leads are Emailed Daily
We generate 1,100 leads per month & they are emailed to our agents daily. The first agent to respond gets that lead
What Fees Do You Pay?
License ($400/yr), MLS ($105/qtr), E&O ($300/yr) 50% listing marketing, small mentor fee on your first 3 closings… that’s it!
How Much Should You Expect to Earn?
Our first year agents earn $65,000, our average agent earns $127,000 and our top agents earn $200,000+ per year

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Company benefits


We treat our clients and our co-workers the way we expect to be treated, with respect and honesty. We respect our client’s privacy and we protect their interests throughout the entire process. With integrity comes trust, and our goal is to earn trust from the first handshake and throughout the transaction and beyond.


Kindness has always been essential to leadership. It is how we inspire teams, build relationships and imbue work with purpose. This culture indeed starts right from the office between our team and permeates to our clients. Kindness is a key element of ideals that shape how an organization is perceived by employees, customers, and others.


We are accountable for results, to our clients, to our co-workers and to ourselves. We measure our performance in order to constantly improve. Accountability means that we do what we say we will do, and we keep track of our commitments to ensure we follow through.


In most real estate transactions, an issue or multiple issues will arise at some point during the process. By maintaining a positive attitude, we focus on the solutions and not the problems to ensure we are best able to navigate our clients to closing and accomplish their real estate goals.


The real estate industry is constantly changing. We stay current with the latest market trends and cutting edge real estate technology to provide our clients with the best representation and the highest possible value.

We Sell Luxury Homes

You could sell 10 homes for $170,000 or 1 home for $1.7 Million. They both pay the same, and one path is a lot more work and a lot less fun.


About Matt O'Neill Real Estate

Over the past 11 years, Matt has coached and mentored agents into top producers in record time. Our first-year agents typically win the Rookie of the Year Award at the Realtor's Award Banquet. Our 2nd-year agents typically earn over $100,000 in personal income and are recognized as the top 10% of all agents in Charleston.

Matt O`Neill


It's simple: Massive Opportunity.

Our office generates over 1,100 real estate leads every month of high-end people who are considering buying or selling a home in Charleston. We are looking hard-working people who have sales skills and high integrity to call these opportunities and convert them into closings.

Team Culture

Culture of Success

  • Your Success in Life = The Expectations of Your Peers
  • Our team is composed of successful, high-achievers. If this is you, you will fit right in

Kindness Team Culture

  • Kindness means you go above and beyond to help people
  • This makes our team more like a family and less cut-throat

Cold Calling Required Daily

  • Our agents make 2 hours of cold calls per day from 8am-10am
  • They make 80 calls, talk with 20 people, and set 1 appointment each day before 10 am

Our Agent Training is the BEST in the Country

What are we looking for


Always put the client first

Team Player

Go above and beyond for your team members


Go above and beyond for your clients


Call enough people to talk with 20 new buyers or sellers every single day


Sign 1 new client every single week - and close at least $800k per month every month


You must have sales ability