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Realtors in Daniel Island SC serving homeowners selling their homes offer expertise in selling waterfront and many of the new homes that have been developed in this master planned community in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. If you are a homeowner selling your home having a realtor who understands why you are selling your home is vital; because the real estate agent can help find you the services, you need to sell your home. If you are downsizing your home, Daniel Island realtors know where to find downsizing consultants to get you to the point where your home will be ready to sell. Or need to move for a job elsewhere, and your realtor needs to make the selling experience step by step as you are also planning a job move.

Real Estate Agents by Type

Let’s explore the ins and outs of the different types of real estate agents in Daniel Island; with a focus on the seller’s agent:

Seller's Agent Realtors in Daniel Island SC

A seller's agent is a real estate agent or REALTOR® exclusively representing the person selling their home or property. Sellers agent realtors in Daniel Island SC work entirely with the best interest of the property seller in mind. Some of the things they do that help the seller include staging and marketing the home, managing and reviewing offers, and selling the home as fast as possible and at the highest possible price.

Matt O'Neill Real Estate agents Daniel Island SC are dedicated to helping you sell your home. They've sold over $900 million worth of homes in South Carolina — and counting.

Realtors Can Help Support Your Reason for Selling Your Home

Many people are selling their homes for various reasons; they are downsizing, or upsizing. And real estate agents help support their reason for selling their home with services. Let’s look at several reasons sell their homes:

Home-Related Reasons

The average homeowner in the United States moves every five to seven years. While there are many factors that influence someone to move to a new home, often the reason is related to the house they are currently living in.

Too-small Home

A common reason to move is that family size has increased. First-time homebuyers often don't have any children, or very young children, so as they grow, they naturally need more space. Daniel Island South Carolina has many affluent families moving to the area, realtors can help guide families to the right home, and will position your home for the right next homeowner.

Deferred Maintenance

If a home needs extensive repairs or maintenance, it may make more sense to sell it as-is and move into one that needs less work.

Wanting a Nicer or Bigger Home

In some cases, people simply want to upgrade into a larger home or one with certain features. Daniel Island’s many waterfront homes present an opportunity to move to that dream or bigger home.

Made a Mistake

If you fall in love with most of a home, it's easy to overlook certain things — at first. Eventually, those "little" things become too big, such as not having a yard or a layout that can't be changed.

Personal Reasons

Many of the major events that happen in someone's personal life could necessitate selling their home.

Job Relocation or Loss of Job

Job transfers account for many home sales across the country. On the other hand, so do job losses, as the sudden decrease in income may require selling a home and downsizing.


Whether out of preference of necessity, the end of a relationship often means the sale of a home. 10% of Daniel Island residents are divorced and realtors can support their real estate needs.

Better Education

Lots of people today are choosing to go back to school to further — or finish — their education. Doing this may mean working less temporarily, or even not at all, which may influence someone to sell their home.

Life Cycle Reasons

Throughout the course of someone's life, there are various stages that may dictate different living circumstances.

Empty Nest Syndrome

If an older couple finds themselves alone in their home with their children having moved out or away, it may make sense to sell their home and move into something more manageable. 12% of residents are retired in Daniel Island South Carolina, realtors can help find moving and downsizing service providers.

Want to be Closer to Family

Once someone has their own family, it's not uncommon to want to move closer to extended family. Whether it's the children moving or grandparents, this is a common reason people sell their homes.

Health Problems

Unfortunately, as people get older their health starts to fail. It is common for people battling serious illness or disease to sell their homes and either downsize or move in with family.

Why Choose Us

When you enlist Matt O'Neill Real Estate and his team of Realtors in Daniel Island SC to sell your home, you are getting true local experts who are passionate about what we do and confident in our methodology.

Instant Offer

After providing some basic info on your home, Matt O'Neill Real Estate will make you a cash offer, typically within 24 hours. There is no obligation, so you can accept or decline the offer.

Our Homes Sell 10% Faster on Average

Matt O’Neill Real Estate team really understands the market and will make sure your home sells in a timely manner for the best offer.

Daniel Island SC Home Marketing plan

Each home is unique, and we create a custom marketing plan. We start with your goals and what makes your Island home special. Then we plan a marketing system to identify and target-market to your home's highest-paying buyer.

Good Local Knowledge

Many agents on the Matt O'Neill Real Estate team are South Carolina natives. They know the Daniel Island SC area in and out; from waterfront homes, to how to market the benefits of this master-planned community.

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